Wednesday, December 17, 2008

URGENT Action Alert: Contact your Illinois state representative!

This just in ... ONE LAST PUSH!
Our lobbyist has reported that since the legislature was called back into session, our sponsors have been hard at work on our bill, and they are strongly recommending we push ahead for the last two days of THIS General Assembly, and try to finish passing an amended SB385 on January 12 & 13!!! (That's a Monday and a Tuesday.)

So you have two very easy things to do.

1) Call your state representative in the next week at both offices and tell them the following short message (and ask all your friends and family). Then let us know the what happened!

"The nurses have come to consensus on SB 385, the Home Birth Safety Act. Please let me know if you will support the Home Birth Safety Act, now that the Illinois Nurses Association is neutral."

2) Take out your calendar and schedule in

Show the AMA & ACOG who's in charge of your baby's birth
Come to the Illinois Capitol January 12 or 13, 2008

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