Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Today most Illinois legislators will receive a position statement from the Illinois State Medical Society opposing the Home Birth Safety Act. It is a strongly worded criticism of our bill. This means that the opposition is already aware that our bill will be voted on in January. They even told our co-sponsors that, "Physicians at the Illinois State Medical Society are extremely disheartened with your cosponsorship and support of Senate Bill 385, a bill that we believe is a dangers step backwards in health care and will jeopardize the safety of women ad newborns."

My holiday wish is that everyone reading this will talk with your families and friends over the next few days, and encourage everyone you know to contact their Illinois state representative asking their office, "Now that the nurses are neutral, will you (or the representative) support Senate Bill 385, the Home Birth Safety Act?"

Go to to look up your family and friends' state reps so you can give them the phone number. Please follow up with them. Sometimes people need a reminder or two, but this is really IT. This is THE call to action. Now is the time for EVERYONE to do EVERYTHING they can to support licensing midwives in Illinois! NO HOLDS BARRED!

Thanks you, and have a warm and happy holiday!
Colette Bernhard
Legislative Chair
Coalition for Illinois Midwifery

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