Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Dear Midwifery and Home Birth Supporters,

We are moving into the home stretch. We have only four weeks left to gain enough votes to call SB 3712 for a House floor vote in the November veto session. We’ve gained a few yes votes. We’ve even gained a new co-sponsor, Eddie Lee Jackson, Jr. from East St. Louis. But we need more declared yes votes before we can call the bill for a vote on the House floor.

NOW is the time to call your legislator and ask for a clear yes or no vote on this bill. If you run into any road block (calls not returned, legislative aides telling you the bill is dead, legislators giving neither a yes nor a no vote) please mark your calendar for November 4th or 5th so you can try calling again at that time. We anticipate that after the election, those who won will feel freer to commit to controversial bills, like our own, and those who did not win (who are lame ducks) will also feel more free to cast a yes vote for our bill on their way out. It could be a very nice win-win situation for us after November 2nd.

But we need to keep midwifery and home birth in front of them until then. So please, keep calling your state rep for answers and keep forwarding our messages to your friends and neighbors – to anyone who might be willing to write a letter or who might live in some of our unknown districts. If you gave birth at home this year, send both your Rep and your Senator a copy of your birth announcement with a note on it – “another constituent born at home – vote YES, Home Birth Safety Act – SB3712.” If you see a good article about home birth, print and mail it to your legislator. If it’s on facebook, put it in your status line and be sure that you’ve ‘friended’ your state Rep and Senator. LETS KEEP MIDWIFERY FRONT AND CENTER FOR THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS!!

This week please also try to help us turn 10 LIKELY YES VOTES into 10 YES VOTES. Please forward this email to anyone you know, homebirth family or not, who lives in the following Rep’s districts: Edward Acevedo – (D) Chicago Suzanne Bassi – (R) Palatine Marlow Colvin – (D) Chicago Sarah Feigenholtz – (D) Chicago Careen Gordon - (D) Serona, LaSalle County Lou Lang – (D) Niles Joseph Lyons – (D) Norwood Jack McGuire – (D) Troy, Will County Dan Reitz – (D) Centreville, St. Clair County Chapin Rose – (R) Blue Ridge, Champaign County Carole Sente – (D) Warren, Lake County Ronald Wait – (R) Belvedere, Winnebago County These reps are very close to a yes vote as far as we can tell. Please help us be sure they receive a printed copy of the New York Times article

Please also watch for our upcoming fundraising events. Each will offer you a great opportunity to help shape the future of homebirth in Illinois. In the mean time you may always donate through paypal via our website, or you may mail checks to CFIM, c/o Vicki Johnson, 6092 Torchlite Trail, Loves Park, IL 61111.

There is only one way to get this done and that is to go through it. We’re hoping everyone will step up and help us with this last big push. We thank you on behalf of the home born babies of Illinois!!

The Coalition for Illinois Midwifery Board