Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Worried about the flu?

Let your state representative know. Concerns about hospitals being inaccessible or too dangerous for healthy birthing women, we see this as yet another reason to license certified professional midwives and include them in disaster preparedness planning.

Visit Illinois State Board of Elections (click on By Address) to look up who your state representative is. Call your Illinois state representative's office TODAY and ask the best way to send this press release (email, fax if you can, or snail mail), and then let us know what you did!

Include a small hand-written note asking (or thanking) them for their support. If your rep is a republican, you can include a quick statement that, even if this flu scare turns out to be nothing, this is just one more reason that Medical lobbying groups should NOT be steering public policy and interfering with your family's childbirth decisions.

Send Colette Bernard a facebook message or email me at birthnews@earthlink.net. Tell us any small detail of what happened so we can keep track!

Big Push Flu Press Release Big Push Flu Press Release Colette Bernhard Press release. As the country braces for a possible flue pandemic, advocates call on local, state and federal authorities to include certified professional midwives in disaster preparedness, due to their expertise in low tech, out-of-hospital birth.

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