Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A simpler path to midwifery

The Australian, November 01, 2006

Bernard Lane

NEXT year Emily Costelloe, 19, hopes to be among the first students in a new midwifery course at the University of Queensland. "It's quicker to become a midwife this way," she says.

If she were to take the more familiar path, studying midwifery as a postgraduate after completing a nursing degree, she would finish at the end of 2010. UQ's new undergraduate course could save her a year.

It's a first for Queensland but Victoria and South Australia have already followed an international trend to grant midwifery independence from nursing.

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Colette's comment: Australia and the U.S. are probably the only two countries in the world with nurse-midwives. This new Australian program sounds similar to the North American Registry of Midwives CPM.

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